The Best Michigan Wolverines Golf Bag: What You Should Look For

Michigan Wolverines Golf Bag

Perfect for the true Michigan wolverines golf bag fan, this deluxe golf bag will keep all of your clubs organized with a velour-lined valuables pocket. There is also a waterproof bonded zipper for your valuables and a glove patch, so you can keep your hands dry when you are done playing. The sculpted hip pad offers comfort and balance and the oversized towel ring provides you with plenty of room for towels.

The Best Michigan Wolverines Golf BagWhat You Should Look For

Scott Golf Axis Ride Golf Tumbler A popular item at the World Famous West Side Country Club and Northern Michigan Golf Club, the Scott Axis Ride Golf Tumbler is a popular item for Michigan golfers. A good solid tumbler will also make a great gift for the golfer who loves to tee it up or the golfer that loves to chug a thermos of coffee on the course.

The Best Michigan Wolverines Golf Bag: What You Should Look For Skelton Golf Belt A popular club-belt used by Michigan golfers, this Skelton Golf Belt from Skelton Golf will not break the bank. The double folding leather belt features a microfiber construction that keeps your clubs secure and will provide a comfortable ride.

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Michigan wolverines golf bag
NameBrandMaterialColorStrap TypeWeight
Team Effort Golf BagTeam EffortNylonMichigan WolverinesDetachable5.3 Pounds
  • 14-Way Top with 3 Full Length Dividers.
  • Open-Top Insulated Cooler Pocket.
  • Fiber Accents with Integrated Tee Holder.
  • Oversized Towel Ring with Glove Patch, and Sculpted Hip Pad.
  • Have the handle
  • Clean is easy
  • Not Folding.
  • Taxing on shoulder and back

This is Team Effort NCAA Caddie Carry Hybrid of Golf Bag so really best for you. 14-Way Top with 3 Full-Length Dividers, Screen Printed Team Trademarks plus Carbon with Fiber Accents with Integrated Tee Holder.

University of michigan golf bag

This university of Michigan golf bag is perfect for all your golfing needs. It has a large main compartment for storing everything you need, including shoes and clothing. It also includes a water-resistant lining to keep your gear dry during light rain showers. The number one thing to remember when golfing: don’t forget the sunscreen! So if you are interested: Comparing Best golf bag for push cart: Tips on Which One to Choose.

Typical questions asked about products:

Is the item durable?

Yes, 100% durable and using Nylon.

Is this item easy to use?

Very easy and have using guide book in the Product.

The Michigan Wolverines golf bag has lots of pockets for storage. You will be able to fit plenty of goodies in this bag and it is very stable so you can take a full swing.

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The Nike Wolverine Golf Bag is a great choice for a Michigan Wolverines golf bag, thanks to its durable zippered closure and hidden storage compartment. There is also a valuables pocket on the inside, so you can keep your valuables safe when you’re golfing.

The Nike Wolverine Golf Bag comes in different colors, including pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The top closure makes it easy to carry. Plus, there is also a zipper pocket on the back panel, perfect for storing your club.

The best Michigan Wolverines golf bags

Tideline D-Frame Lumberjack Golf Bag Price: $90 USD to $100 This bag is made of 100% real tree-stump wood, it has waterproof pockets to keep your valuables safe from the elements, as well as dry clean-through zippers and side pockets for extra gear storage.

This bag is also available in one of the Michigan Wolverines colors, which also happens to be the color of the team’s helmets. Ardmore Michigan Dominate Lumberjack Golf Bag Price: $90 USD to $100 This is a really solid little bag.

It’s made of a wood composite with a ton of flex. It’s molded and contoured to the correct proportions for a guy like me, who is probably 6′ tall, and has short arms, so I can fit into a larger bag without being super uncomfortable. It also has a ton of other features you won’t find on other bags on this list.

How to choose the right golf bag – Team Effort Golf Bag

Golf bag shopping is something we can all relate to. Of course, you want something that works and is comfortable and in a cool color. To get started with your search, we have a few things you should think about when you are going to get a bag.

What style of the bag are you looking for? If you are looking for a standard bag, there are many different styles that you can choose from. Classic – This is typically a more “classic” look with a simple design and a padded interior. If you want something that is traditional, there are loads of these available. Slim – A few different styles are available here, including cross straps and heavy-duty tote bags. If you want a smaller bag that is more lightweight, this is a good option.

Comfort – michigan wolverines golf bag

This bag has a nice mesh back, so your arms can move freely. The plastic hook and eye closure are on the side of the bag so you can easily grab your clubs without moving your hands. Protection The zippers are clearly visible, and the velour zip-tied valuables pocket is easily accessible.

There is also a padded valuables pocket on the back of the bag for the clubs. This is great because sometimes you have a spare glove or towel in there too. For the 2017-18 golf season, GolfWRX Member Mark Weisman has been testing out a variety of golf bags and what he has found is that a standard bag is not enough. Whether you are playing 18 holes or if you are just training or practicing at home, a top-quality bag is essential for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Extra Features – michigan wolverines golf bag

The crossover foot straps provide you with a smooth and comfortable hold that increases your stability. The padded valuables pocket has the latest technology, including air-filled compartments.

There is a Teflon-coated valuables pocket for your keys or sunglasses or simply an unobstructed way to keep them safe. The utility pockets are designed for storing yardage books, tees, hats, and just about anything else you need to carry.

Some of the standout features are the rivets and staples used for added strength and durability, as well as the redesigned rain flap for more protection. The expanded side pockets are useful for storing your valuables so that your clubs don’t roll around during play. The Wolverine Soho Brand Detroit D7 1/2 Zip Golf Bag retails for $180 at

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The fantastic versatility and quality of the bags are indisputable, even with the large entry price tag of about $300. You do get a lot of bags in return. The bag is a true “base model” in the Mackenzie Range lineup of great golf bags for the golfer that wants a lot and a lot of something. The bag is built tough with proven Mackenzie construction. If you want a quality golf bag at a price that won’t bust your budget, then this is the way to go.

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