How to Measure Golf Club Length – Measure club length

How to Measure Golf Club Length

Are my clubs too short or too long? Getting tired of searching this question without getting the right answer? Newbie’s always struggled with the sizing and length of golf. In golf, choose the right club size is very important.

Well, we have researched how to measure golf club length and help you to get to know more about this. When it is about golf, you should have the right club length in addition to the right swing. It is estimated that around half of all golfers play with the wrong golf clubs.

One of the important things about the clubs is their length. You can take a golf club by yourself and play with the club. But it is very important to know your club length for hitting from an accurate distance. Here we are going to discuss the measurement techniques of the length of a club. Let’s jump into it.


Dynamic and Static

There are a thousand ways to measure the length of your club but no fixed length for clubs Dynamic and Static. The measurement is different from the number of varieties of the golfers. For example, some player measures their length from the ground to fingertips, some from the ground to wrist.

The fitting measurement of dynamic technical is trustworthy for using launch monitor’s help when the players swing their club. A launch monitor is for the persuade how a golfer’s system of playing will suit the best for head and shaft.

Based on length, when a player is equipped with his club, always his posture setup plays an important role. The club’s shaft should get around the waist of a golfer.

If a player bends toward on front, the shaft of the club will fall. If a golfer stands straight, the club’s shaft will hit over the waistline. To find out the length which expanded the distance and efficiency is the best system of knowledge about how to measure golf club length.


Why Length Is Important

When you would like to buy a new club set, it is very important to know how to measure golf club length. The length of a golf club should be measured from the ground to the top of the grip cap. When it is golf, club length is very important because the proper length can play a significant role in improving your game.

On the other hand, choose the wrong club size can hamper your performance and make your impression bad. A golf club length can improve or hamper your distance of swing, as a longer club can keep a good distance.

If the club length is too short, being hinder distance, they can also offer good performance. If the club is too long, you cannot think of an accurate swing which is fitting of golf clubs.


Changes Measure club length Over Time

When looking back at the history of the golf equipment, it has been changed several things that fitting for the golf club. The manufacturer researched and invested to figure out the actual psychology of a golfer about how to measure golf club length. Almost 40-50 years before, the driver’s length was at about 43 inches and for the 5-woods it is about 41 inches.

The mindset of the golf player is the only reason behind the shift in club length. The shafts are longer, can provide more distance-it is the belief of the golf players. The best opportunity came out of this for the producers to sell more products fitting for golf clubs.


Signs when measure club length is too long?

Here you can find some common signs that prove your clubs are too long
• If you stand straight forward.
• If you cannot move your lower body as a swinging technique.
• If the shaft of the club feels weak to you.
• If with the club’s toe, you are hitting the ball continually.


Signs when Measure club length are too short?

Here you can find Some common signs that help you to understand about having too short clubs:
• If the ball very often goes to the right.
• If the tempo is very quick.
• If you bend your wrist too much.
• If you bend knees too much.


The ideal length of golf clubs

We have researched how to measure golf club length and got 3 types of golf club length as a result and all of the three are particular from one to another. They are- irons, drivers, and putters.


Irons: For the size of the club, we use height as a reference. To choose iron according to your height, here is the golf club size chart for you.

  • 6ft 9″ to 7ft 0″ – Add 2″ to Standard Length
  • 6ft 3″ to 6ft 6″ – Add 1″ to Standard Length
  • 6ft 0″ to 6ft 3″ – Add 1/2″ to Standard Length
  • 5ft 9″ to 6ft 0″ – Standard Length
  • 5ft 6″ to 5ft 9″ – Subtract 1/2″ from Standard Length
  • 5ft 3″ to 5ft 6″ – Subtract 1″ from Standard Length
  • 5ft 0″ to 5ft 3″ – Subtract 1 1/2″ from Standard Length
  • 4ft 9″ to 5ft 0″ – Subtract 2″ from Standard Length.


Drivers: Theoretically, if the driver shaft length will longer, the shot distance will greater. But the reality is different. Though the golf rules for competition grant up to 48 inches as their length of the shaft of the club, the average length is used for drivers on the tour is 44.5. When you feel short on your accuracy, you can make a shorten shaft from the fitters which is fitting for golf clubs.


Putters: The putter length is measured in a different manner than iron. 34″ is the standard length of a putter by analyzing the floor to wrist dimension and the posture. Most of the golf player is comfortable with 32-35 inches length for their putters.

If the putter will long, they can face problems while playing. In most cases, if the putter is long, players can miss their target and will hamper being close to the ball. If the putters will long, can affect your motion of the natural swing and also the movement of the arm. On the other hand, short putters also affect your play. So, it is good to choose the standard length always and keep in mind how to measure golf club length.


Custom Club Fitters and Where to Find Them

Custom club fitters can help you to choose the perfect length for you for the club. Actually, the process goes with the measurement from the floor to the wrist. The players should follow the chart that will be appropriate club length for them at the wrist to floor measurement. So, you get your club what is perfect for you to swing.

The best way for finding the custom club fitters is to contact your club professional with having vast experience in this sector. You have another way to choose independent fitters. Though they are hard to find, professionals can explain to you about their personal experiences. Famous golf brands have their national fit centers.


Methods to Measure Golf Clubs

Do you already have a set of golf clubs and know more about how to measure golf club length? Here two methods are explained – a) Ruler technique for measuring golf club and b) The USGA measuring technique. You can measure the golf club length accurately by following these instructions below.


Method-1: Ruler technique for measuring golf club

This measuring system is so simple that by using this method you can easily get reading about how to measure club length how to measure golf club length at home.

You need 48 inches or greater aluminum ruler. You can also use a measuring tape instead of a ruler, though the tape’s flexibility can hamper the actual process. To get the best result try to use a golf club measurement ruler.


When a ruler is in your hand, follow these steps serially.

1st step. Hold your club as like as you hold in the playtime. It should be the normal gripping posture of your club.

2nd step. Be sure that the club’s sole center touches the ground.

3rd step. You must set the ruler behind your club with touching the ground.

4th step. Line up the section of the club which touches the ground with the back part of your club’s heel.

5th step. Take the last reading from the ruler’s end that touches the grip cap edge.


Careful about this matter

  • The club lie should be in an accurate position. If the club lie position is not correct, your reading will be incorrect. Your measure club length will shorten if you place the club heel lower than its toe.
  • If you do the opposite thing, that means the heel is higher on the ground than its toe, the length of the club will increase.

If you feel, any of the two describes above will happen, either get 1/8 inches less or 1/8 inches more.



Method-2: The USGA measuring technique

If you are not sure about the reading of the ruler, the high-end devices will help you to get an accurate reading. The United States Golf Association (USGA) has created a method for you as the golf rules of knowing how to measure golf club length.


Step 1. This step is optional for you. By using the calibration device, you can measure club length the aligning mechanism. The process will make sure that the apparatus is fitted perfectly location and get the most correct reading.

If you would like to ignore this step, a flat surface can also be acceptable for you. For this, you should take your smartphone and use these calibration apps.

Step 2. The appliance has a clubhead support system. Your clubhead should be reposing on it.

Step 3. Please make sure that your sole plate has on a 60-degree angle. if it is an accurate angle, the clubhead should set adjacent to it.

Step 4. In the grip support, the grip can be rested.

Step 5. Now you can take the reading from where the scale touch at the grip’s end.

Some measuring devices of the club give you digital reading. You can add 1/8 inches measure club length when using this method.


FAQ and Ans How to Measure Golf Club Length

Ques: How long should be your standard driver shaft?

Ans: Nowadays the standard measurement of standards drive shaft for men is 45 inches and 44inches for women. In the past time, the standard measurement was at about 44 inches for graphite and 43and 1/2 inches for a steel driver.

Ques: How to measure the putters?

Ans: The ruler sets just beside the putter’s center. That means the ruler needs to place the shaft on the ground.

Ques: What flex would my driver be?

Ans: Your flex amount will depend on your speed of swing. A stiffer driver is used by the players whose swing speed is very fast. At about ninety-five swing speed, you should use a stiffer shaft. For using an extra stiff driver, a player should need a swing speed over 110 to 120.

Ques: How can I figure out my goal speed?

Ans: If you would like to improve your game, speed is very important. It is also important to know where while your performance is going on. You can use some special tools, which will track your speed and other statistics to improve your game. Or you can measure club length your speed at any local golf range.

Fitting a Golf Club for LENGTH


Final Verdict

We have already discussed the two proven methods about how to measure golf club length. Though there are different methods, these methods do really well. A shaft length that is favorable for you and a corresponding lie angle is selected. Only experienced golfers should choose a different lie angle or a different shaft length which is fitting for golf clubs.

You have already known how important the club length for you and why the golf club length will have a major impact on your playtime. As measure club length might differ from one to another, so it is good to take support and get opinions from expertise.

We know you’ll need a good golf ball to be a great golfer. If you don’t use a good golf ball, you won’t get the fullness of playing golf. So to be a good golfer, you must tell a good story or accessories. Read the blog below carefully, I hope you get the golf ball you want.

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