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best putter for beginners

In this modern and fast-growing world, people are desperate for new hobbies and want to ensure some relaxed times. This is because work and education are the top priority there and time has passed out of the question. In this search people are prone to looking for activities that help them to mentally secure their … Read more

Top 10 best putting training aid | Golf Pointer 2021

Most of the beginning golfers have troubles on the green while practicing and everybody wants to do better on the putting green and be a  putter of good quality. Actually, putting is one of the skills that every golfer needs to work on most. No worry! You can improve the consistency of your putting game … Read more

Measuring club length | Golf Pointer 2021

measuring club length

Measuring club length Welcome to our Website! Today, our discussion is “Measuring club length” with no standard for the club’s long-term use of golf. So, club makers can create clubs that they think are suitable for any golfer. Tom Wished, founder of Golf Technology, says here about “Measuring Club Length” : “There is no industry-wide … Read more

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