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Most of the beginning golfers have troubles on the green while practicing and everybody wants to do better on the putting green and be a  best putting training aid of good quality.

Actually, putting is one of the skills that every golfer needs to work on most. No worry! You can improve the consistency of your putting game but the only way to do this is to devote hours to practice. It is like there is no easy way except putting in these hours, but the news for you to be happy is that in this specific case of putting practice, putting aids can help. Putting aids ensure that you get more out of your putting practice and investing in putting aids will make your journey much easier.

It is not something like putting aids cure your yips dramatically and make you putt like Tiger Woods overnight either. But It is important for you to get the right tools. If you get the right tools, they can prove very useful and can take your best putting trainer to a whole new level that you may have been dreaming of for a long time.

The best putting training aid provide golfers with feedback on specific swing principles. Improving your swing principle is what will make a golfer a better putter. Before you make your decision of purchasing a putting aid it is important that you answer and figure out the following two as the first stage of your buying process.

  • Do you need to alter your alignment, posture, connection, grip, or release?
  • What putting swing principle do you think you need attention toward?

The second stage of your buying process is to select a golf putting training aid that gives you feedback on this specific principle. If you have a posture or alignment problem, get a putting mat or mirror that helps you to set up correctly. If you have an issue with releasing your hands too much through impact, go for a putting aid that gives you feedback on your release. Work out the swing principles you feel you need to focus on, then find golf putting aid that is best for you.

Selecting the right one is as troublesome as being better at putting green. Here We, a golf team, have listed and reviewed the best putting training aid that we think will be helpful for you in one way or another.

Going through the reviews may take some extra time, but we think it will be worth it. We recommend it.

you can click on the titles or pictures to know product prices. These are our affiliate links. If you purchase the product by clicking these links, it does not cost you any extra, but as an Amazon Associate, I earn from successful purchases. You are always free not to use the affiliate links if you wish. Thanks and happy golfing.

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Top 10 Best putting training aid List

Best putting training aid


The Putt Out Pressure best putting training aid is the very first one of our recommendations. It is one of the hottest training tools you will find on the market. It is made from high quality, elastomer, and translucent polycarbonate and totally okay to fit in your golf bag.

The Pressure Putt Trainer does not necessarily correct your actual putting stroke, but it helps you find the results of your swing so that you can make changes as you go. To be more specific, what this training tool does is actually to return your good putts and dismiss the ones that do not have the correct speed or aim. The trainer is created with the same principle of recreating the pressure of a putting drill, but with the feedback whether you make the putt and also how you make it.

I personally like the training aid because it is a flat neutral surface on which you can practice those short range best putting training aid. One more thing that I think is worth noting here is I have noticed some people finding it hard to master the trainer but that is totally okay with the reward you will get from the training aid.

As I have already said, The trainer is really helpful for golfers to improve the best putting trainer and I highly recommend it.

Customer Consents: Besides my own observation, I have gone through a good number of people’s reviews, and got to find that about 91% of the people who have used the trainer are totally satisfied and recommend it.

However, Some people have reported that they have difficulty getting the golf ball to remain in the hole, but I think that may be due to the lack of their golf skills.


  • One of the simplest training aids
  • Gives a comfortable feeling
  • Improves your putting game to a great extent
  • Very rewarding
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Wonderfully engineered
  • Very accurate and fun
  • One of the ultimate game changers
  • Lightweight
  • Portable


  • Difficult to master 
  • You may have difficulty on the floor
  • Not a good option for you if you do not have the patience to fail due to the lack of your golf skills
  • Limited for more experienced golf players

Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror


One of the major reasons of poor missed putts is poor alignment. The Eyeline golf putting alignment mirror works to fix this reason and makes you confident on the green.

 In fact, Fixing improper alignment at address and crooked best putting training aid strokes is important for golfers and this is what the Eyeline golf best putting trainer alignment mirror is designed to do.

The Eyeline golf putting alignment mirror gives you quick feedback so that you can gain full control over your best putting trainer stroke, and strike more accurate putts.

The first thing worth noting is the portability. Unlike many putting aids, The Eyeline golf putting is very portable. The very moment the Eyeline Putting Aid will arrive and you will un-box it, You will get to notice the small, sleek design that makes the trainer so easy to carry in your golf bag and totally okay for you to always have it with you. The putting aid measures only 12 x 6 inches.

Setting up the mirror is super easy. All you need to do to set it up is just to toss down on the green, adjust the setup lines to the hole you’re putting to, and get started working on your putting stroke. It won’t, for sure, be a big deal for you.

Besides, you can place two tees, one on each side, to create the “best putting training aid”.

The trainer has putter gate slots that ensure sweet-spot contact and let you set up a gate of tees for the toe and heel of the putter so that you can learn to swing and create ‘sweet spot’ contact in the center of the putter face. I personally recommend practicing for 15-30 minutes every day with this training aid alignment mirror and think that it will help you to improve your best putting trainer game to a great extent.

Customer Consents:  The only point that caught my eyes at the time I was going through some of the customer reviews of the Eyeline golf best putting trainer alignment mirror is that a good number of customers think that It would be great if the mirror were somewhat longer. Except for this, All the aspects of the mirror have been very appealing to most of the customers who bought the mirror. The overall 5 star rating is 75 % and 4 star rating is 14 %.


  • Very helpful for fixing putting address position
  • Reasonable price
  • Easily fits in golf bags
  • Very easy to use
  • Provides automatic feedbacks


  • You may have difficulty seeing shoulder alignment
  • Too short to be very effective
  • The mirror seemed to be somewhat blurry

Dave Pelz Putting Tutor


The Dave Pelz Putting Tutor that is engineered by the putting guru Dave Pelz is a 9 -inch long plastic best putting training aid. The development of the putting tutor is, to a large extent, influenced by the belief that every putt starts as a straight one. The best putting trainer aid will really help you to read greens properly while fine-tuning stroke mechanics. At the very first look at the putting trainer, You will get to understand that you will not have that much problem with using the Dave Pelz best putting trainer tutor. It is super easy to use.

 All you need to do is simply to set the device on the green and orient it based on the line you aim, place the marbles in the grooves based on the tolerance level, and putt through the opening. The tutor, as the manufacturer claims, seems to be all in one to me.

Some of the most notable functions of the Dave Pelz Putting Tutor are it teaches putters how to putt on the exact line, squares the putter face to the aim line, and does not include Pelz O-ball and by ensuring these functions, the best putting training aid improves green reading skills, and stoke mechanics.

Customer Consents: Most of the customers who purchased the putting aid have appreciated the aid’s ability to help with getting rid of struggling with alignment and getting the ball rolling on the correct line, and the immediate feedback the Dave Pelz  best putting trainer tutor gives.

The only issue of the putting aid that some customers are concerned about is No instructions are provided with the  best putting trainer aid.


  • Helps keep the putting under control
  • From the beginners to the pro, the Dave Pelz is a good option for all
  • Provides immediate feedback on hitting
  • Very easy to travel with


  • Somewhat basic
  • Somewhat pricey 
  • Effective but overpriced

Well Putt Premium Pro Mat


To be honest, I have, for years, used mats that required hours to lay flat, but this is not the issue with the Well putt premium pro. Best putting training aid has designed the mat based on the theories of Alain Berthoz who moved forward the hypothesis that the Memory of space in fact calls on a memory of movement, this being formed on body movements associated with the visual points of reference. 

As you will get to see at address, the Wellput mat is nicely marked up, and the markings will require some breaking down.  A quick glance through the manual provided with the mat will explain these features concisely.

In the testing session, The Wellputt mat seemed to have no problem with allowing the ball to roll, and it was true and smooth at a nice speed.  Wellputt claims a rating of 11 on the stimpmeter, and, based on the experience I have with the Putter, it can be said to be as fast as the best putting training aid.

The longevity of the Wellputt mat, at least to me, seems to be way best putting training aid  than other putting mats. You will have enough space to move around it.  I think the best putting trainer courses add a lot of functionality and fun, but that is only if playing them is easy.  If you need to roll up the mat after every use, it’s likely that you will not use it regularly.

I think the Wellput is worth the money you have to spend against the value it provides.

Customer Consents:  Many people have given great reviews about the functionalities of the mat and are very pleased to buy the product especially because of the nice mark-up and the ability to allow the ball roll smoothly.

However, there are, as usual, some people who have some problems with the mat. These “some people” have said the mat is not delivered with the materials noted in advertisements and the mat is short lived. The overall good rating is 78%.


  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Very effective
  • The clear visual trains to finish “tap in”
  • 7 different “feel” zones
  • Comes with a training book with 50 different exercises
  • Trains speed, accuracy, and touch


  • Troublesome to roll up every time
  • The durability of the mat is one of my concern
  • Practicing breaking putts is somewhat difficult

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat


Very next to the wellputt mat comes the best putting training aid mat. It is one of the high-quality putting mats for those golfers who are looking to improve their putting at home. 

The best putting training aid pro golf putting mat is small, compact and packed with some great features that will, for sure, improve your putting performance. The mat comes in a smart bag, with some great alignment guides that are intended to help you with your feet alignment, ball position and putter face. These guides keep on top of your putting basics during your indoor putting practice. best putting training aid  protective cupboard makes sure that the mat stays tightly pressed and crease-free.

Space isn’t a problem you may have with this best putting training aid mat.

You can use the mat comfortably in your office or your spare time as it measures only 240cm by 50cm to the best putting trainer.

The true speed of a best putting training aid mat depends on the surface under the putting mat. It may be a carpet or a hard floor. If you have a fluffy carpet under the mat, It is highly likely that the mat will slow to under 8 on the stimpmeter and if you use it on a hard-level floor and you will be closer to 9.5 – 10 on the stimpmeter.

When it comes about the price of the best putting training aid out pro golf  best putting trainer mat, I think it is totally okay for the value you will get from the mat.

Customer Consents: The customers are satisfied to a good extent with what they have received from the mat, and say that the product offers great value for its price. Some of them have said that they usually  go from about 11.4 to 8.2 only in the 3 months, and making more best putting training aid and most notably.

However, Some dislike keeping on flattening out the mat after a couple of best putting training aid. The overall rating is 92%


  • Easy to use
  • Looks pretty
  • Of good quality


  • You may need to paint lines on the mat
  • the propensity to groove is not that satisfying

Laser Optics V III Training Laser


Visualization, imagination, and the instincts to accurately best putting training aid to the perceived path are the common threads among the best putting training aid, and against these common threads, The Laser Optics V lll of Laser Focus Golf is a perfect tool.

It is one of the most accurate and useful putting aids I have ever used to develop my putting skill. Golf Digest magazine reviewed some of the best putting aids and the Laser optics V ll was named as the number 1 putting aid in the game of golf.

The Laser Optics V III is a high-powered green laser that projects a solid line and can be used for the start line, visualization training, and stroke accuracy. It helps to develop the start line instincts by using a green laser to show you a Chalk Line and a red laser for precise Spot best putting trainer.

Using the best putting training aid is not that troublesome. You can easily switch it on and off using the ON/OFF button, Besides, you will have an option to control the putting aid using a wireless remote.

Some of the newly added features of the Laser Optics V lll are, a built-in USB port, an antenna mounted atop laser, and a larger 18650 3.7v rechargeable battery and You will get all these with a carrying bag.

When it comes to the price, The putting aid, I think, is worth the price.

Customer Consents:  The putting aid has mixed reviews. Some of the reviews show the customers are totally satisfied with the up to date technology and the high-powered adjustable lasers that have really helped them to improve their games and the rest of the reviews show the customers have had some issues that have the key reasons behind their dissatisfaction. The issues are “the putting aid feels to be a bit cheap, adjusting the device is somewhat painful, and the ball-joint of the laser optics V lll seems to go loose with times and allows the laser to move around.


  • A good option for both starters and masters
  • Provides accurate alignment
  • Worth the price
  • Increases the confidence level by showing exactly what a hit looks like
  • The built-in USB port + USB cord ensures easy recharging
  • The 16340 3.7v rechargeable battery
  • The high power green laser works even in the bright sunlight


  • You find adjusting the device a bit painful
  • the knob to tighten the device to the putter is not good enough. It broke on the very first use
  • The built- in timer turns off automatically after a few hits

ExPutt Real Time Putting Simulator


The ExPutt putting simulator is different from other best putting training aid  in the way It works. It uses a high-speed camera and innovative tracking technologies to track your putter and gives you feedback on your path, speed, club face, and launch direction. It does these from your comfort zone. I mean you can set it up anywhere you want to.

All  You will get with the Exputt real time putting simulator are a Putting mat, an AC adapter, a high speed camera with mount and stand, and a USB to HDMI cable.

The quality of the components provided is typical for items produced in these days.

The plastic components are fairly thin but seem to be durable enough and the mat, for sure, is of high quality and I think you will not have any issues with it lying flat.

 It is highly likely that you will not have that much of a problem with storage. The mat is only  40″x12″ and can be stored very easily.

 Simulator’s ultra high- speed camera scrutinizes both ball and putter movements in real-time, open or closed club face angle, The best putting training aid direction at the moment of impact, and the entire putting path to improve consistency, So you can keep your stroke consistent.

With the best putting training aid, You can practice on a wide variety of different slopes and green speeds. Personally to me, The greens and slopes seemed to be so realistic.

To set the device up is not that hard, all you need to do are simply connect the Exputt camera to your TV with the HDMI cable that is provided with the HDMI cable, roll out the provided best putting trainer mat and that’s all, you are now ready to start.

Customer Consents: I have gone through some of the reviews from the customers from the USA and Canada. Most of these customers, to a great degree, are satisfied with the Exputt real time putting simulator and have reported that the putting practice tool really gives great feedback and is very easy to set up. Some of the adjectives these customers have used to describe the Exputt real time putting simulator are Durable, Lightweight, Versatile, Stylish, Portable, and Very quick.


  • Provides very accurate feedback
  • Easy to set up
  • Looks stylish
  • An innovative piece
  • Easy to store


  • Software updating option is not available
  • The putting aid is somewhat costly but okay with what it offers

Perfect Practice Putting Mat



The perfect practice putting mat is a great best putting training aid for aspiring and professional golfers to practice at home or office. It comes in a nice sized medium box. The box includes three parts. These three parts are the mat itself which is attached to the raised, wooden end part with two holes, of different sizes in it, a wooden backstop, and four wooden slats that fit together to create a channel so that the ball can roll back to the player.

The mat features a unique Crystal Velvet material that allows the golf ball to roll identical to a perfect green, an alignment “train-track” training that ensures a straight-back straight-through putting stroke, and an incline up to the holes that ensure a confident stroke and assist with the gravity-fed ball return system.  On the very first version, the base and return ramp were made out of plastic.

Some of the matters of the best putting training aid I really love are the quality of the surface they have used, The artificial turf on the Perfect Practice, compared to budget best putting trainer mats I’ve tried, is of much higher quality, and the speed that both surfaces provide. With the mat, You can, for sure, expect a faster, more true roll, which is essential when golfers work on their putting strokes.

 Assembling the putting mat is very easy. It took me around 5 minutes and the end result was totally satisfying. You will have to spend around $140 dollars to get all the offerings of the practice perfect mat.

Customer Consents: Over the past year, the mat has taken social media by storm. It will not be much of something wrong if I say that all the customers of the perfect practice putting mat are totally satisfied with the services the mat provides as the mat has 90%+ positive reviews on Amazon. ( a low number of customers don’t think the price Golf Sply Co claims is okay)


  • Of a good quality
  • Nice looking
  • Comes with some additional training aids for improving the putting stroke
  • Gives a true feel
  • Suits both the right and left handed
  • Rolls very smoothly


  • Hole is somewhat small
  • Costlier in comparison to other putting aids of the same category available on the market.
  • You may have difficulty making the putting mat lay flat
  • Should have been constructed better

PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer And Alignment Gate


The PuttOUT Putting Mirror and Putting Gate Training Aid manufactured by PuttOut is a very easy-to-use golf training aid. Though putting mirrors are not something new, Puttout has done much to improve their one and come up with a nice putting mirror trainer that is one of the most popular putting aids, and really helps to improve the putting.

The device comes in two main parts: best putting training aid mirror and putting gate. The putting mirror comprises a steel inner plate that puts a stop to warping and breakage, and a spiked-based rubber that holds the acrylic mirror in place, and the putting gate is made of magnet and gives feedback on the ability to hit the starting line.

With improved putter delivery through repetition, the new PuttOUT Putting Mirror builds good alignment and setup. The two magnetic putter guides and a 2 inche wide putting gate will take your best putting trainer practice to a new level.

The best putting training aid is intended to give instant feedback on the shoulder alignment  and is compact enough to ensure that  you can take practice anywhere. The Steel construction and anti-scratch coating make the mirror more long-lasting and durable and the spiked rubber back case ensures an anti-slip contact to the green or mat, without the need for tees. The indentation for ball positioning lets the putter be closer than traditional putting mirrors available on the market.

Customer Consents: The overall positive reviews on Amazon are 92% of the total number of the reviews. Most of the people who bought the putting aid think The PuttOut Putting Mirror Trainer and Alignment Gate is a very good putter and takes the putting practice to an  “excellent” level. With these positive reviews, The device has a very small number of negative reviews that talk about some issues that depend on how  the putting aid is used.


  • Has a place to put the ball for consistency
  • Comes with two magnetic gates that are used to check the path of the putter
  • The little spikes on the bottom keep the mirror in place once the device is set up on the green


  • The gate is somewhat long
  • The gate hinders the practice instead of helping.



The most amazing matter about the IXIA sports TPM IXIA Sports has come with is that the device can be used by both amateurs and pros: that is both amateurs and pros can use the device equally without having any problem.

 The golf best putting training aid is made to ensure starting you off on the right foot, help to achieve repeatable consistency for confidence that lends itself well to better best putting trainer, and, ultimately, to a better game, and  help your best putting trainer stroke immediately.

 The IXIA Sports TPM has  a travel-friendly set  alignment rods that are 29″-50″ long, and can easily be adjusted, and a universal connector that works on any putter shaft.

With the best putting training aid ,  you will not not have any problem with using your preferred grip style. You can, without any problem, use the grip style that you prefer.

Beside these, You will get online links that will help you to access 3 sets of instructional videos that I think are very helpful for those who are new.

The very last and bold thing is the 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. IXIA Sports claims that they will give a full refund, If the golf trainer, for any reason, does not help to level up the game and does not satisfy. All the buyers of the golf aid need to do is to contract them.

Customer Consents: Though IXIA sports claims that they will provide 100% satisfaction, they don’t have as much positive reviews as they should have. The overall positive reviews are around 76% of the total reviews.

Most of the negative reviews talk about the attachment mechanism for putter shaft.


  • Useful for both amateurs and pros
  • Gives instant result
  • Help to correct putting movement
  • Easily portable
  • One size fits all
  • Solid and durable construction


  • Seems to be somewhat expensive but worth it
  • Different colors are not available
  • The attachment mechanism for putter shaft seems to be somewhat poor

The Best Putting Training Aids: Improving Your Stroke

Golfers are always looking for new ways to improve their putting game. This article will show you the top 10 best putting training aids that you should try out. These can help you get more consistent with your putter, whether it be on the green or in the backyard.

1) Putting Trainer Pro – This is a great option for golfers of all skill levels. It helps to stabilize your lower body and build your touch by allowing you to make short putts without feeling pressure.

What are the top 10 best putting training aids?

2) AccuSwing Putt Program – This program is a bit advanced for your first couple of practice sessions, but you can pick it up with relative ease over time. In the final step, you are able to practice proper techniques for putting. The program is very easy to follow, making it a perfect way to introduce putting to a new player.

3) Golf Putt – This is a simple and affordable putting practice aid that works to increase your putting consistency. It makes your practice more fun and memorable as well, and the balls that come with it are even on the surface of the putter.

4) Putting Exactech Putter Trainer – This tool helps your golf putting stroke by doing a complete 180-degree turn for your foot, which helps to create consistency.

Putting Trainer Pro

  • Power Trac – This is another one of those ball transfer training aids that helps to give you more distance on the green. Power Trac helps you hit the ball out to 40-plus feet easily. This is helpful for both your short game and putting.
  • Nimbus Pro X – This golf training aid helps to improve the accuracy and speed of your stroke. In order to have a successful season, you need to be able to control your drives and irons with speed. These golf training aids will help you do just that.
  • Super Spruce – This is another one of the older teaching aids, but it still works great. It helps to add feel, speed, and accuracy to your putting stroke. The Nimbus ball is also another great training aid. It works on various strengths and strokes.

The Putting Mat

1) Indoor Putting Green The Indoor Putting Green is perfect for golfers that are looking for a place to practice all year round. The board helps players focus on their putting stroke as they work on creating more consistent strokes.

2) Pro-Grip Putters Putter grips are so important when it comes to improving your putting. These are great for practicing different types of stroke, whether it’s chipping, putting, or longer chipping. The classic T-Flex putter grips are the best in their class. RELATED: 5 New Seasonal T-Flex Putters You Need To Check Out.

3) Golf Coaches There are many golf coaches out there. They are professional coaches who have experience in working with a wide variety of players.

The Putting Wheel

This product has got to be one of the best-putting training aids out there. The whole thing is made from a high-strength material to keep your putter stable while you make your putts. With the use of this product, you will quickly see a dramatic improvement in your putting game.

1) Game & Putter Putter Training Balls – Having trouble getting your putter into the hole? Here is a product that is sure to help with this problem. The putter training balls have an air bladder in the bottom of them so they will stay down as you are making your stroke. This is perfect for those who struggle on the green to keep their putter on the proper line, as it helps eliminate “back-swing”.

2) Electric Game Ball Putt Trainer – It is an electronic ball that tracks your progress as you hit putts.

The Putting Trainer

1) Insite Putting Ball Sized – This ball that is usually used for warm-up drills can also be used on the green. Make small putts and hit a few 10-footers from different distances. These green tests can help you develop a feel for the greens. 

2) Caddis Foam – This is a ball that will help you practice your touch by simulating the feeling of the green when you hit the ball. This is great for golfers who are still developing their stroke. 

3) Ping Putter Trainer – This is a putter that allows you to make hundreds of putts on the range. It allows you to practice putting to different distances without hitting balls. 

4) Pelvic Swing Trainer – The pelvic swing trainer will help strengthen your left leg and leg muscles so that you can be more consistent on the greens.

Golf Ball Balancing Game

This is a fun but useful putting training aid that I have used for years. It doesn’t have any weights or anything else on it. It just has two golf balls balanced on each end, allowing you to practice making easy and perfect putts.

Lowder Putters Most golfers have a club with a lower center of gravity than their top clubs, but not all putters have the same dynamic weighting system. Lowder putters have the ability to bounce up and down when striking the ball, changing the weighting at impact, depending on the loft and speed of the ball. They can also produce a very soft and stable feel on the greens.

Club Bell This putter is designed to enhance your putting stroke by minimizing putting pressure on your wrists and upper arms, thus allowing you to create a much better stroke.

Buying Guide - Best putting training aid

Pros: Very inexpensive Comes with putters and mid-length putters Convenient for travel Cons: May not work on greens Will be too small for players with larger hands Doesn’t have any waterproof feature

1) Just Putt – This company offers a variety of putting training aids for golfers at every level. With these devices, you can improve your short game, make long putts, and use your putting stroke. There are lots of different types of training aids, so the first thing you need to decide on is which one best suits your needs. 

2) Simple Putt Put Toilet – Putting Trainer Pro is one of the most popular options for golfers of all levels. It has different levels of functions.

Indoor Putting Green

The Indoor best putting training aid Green improves putting mechanics, especially for beginners. The putting surface is made of ceramic tile that is designed to give your putting stroke a stable platform to work from. Once you have gotten the hang of the ball striking the green, you can use a plastic cover to improve your swing.

1) Pumice Plex – To improve your putting mechanics, you should use a green that feels smooth. This is the Pumice Plex. The Plex is a ceramic surface that’s coated with rubber for a smooth landing. It’s great for practicing your short putts.

Standing Rock Putting Sphere – This thing is legit. It’s the largest and most complicated putting green in the world. The putting surface measures 18 feet by 6 feet and it comes with a stand to hold it upright.


Hopefully, you find one or more of these training aids useful. The more you improve your game, the more fun it is. The best golfers are those who are continuously practicing and improving their game. If you want to start improving your game now, this article will help you, no matter what your skill level.

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