Best golf drivers for mid-handicappers

Best golf drivers for mid handicappers 2022 - Golf Pointer

Mid-handicappers shine at some areas of the game while struggling with others. Mid-handicapper golfers are the most variable of all handicap classes.

They mostly have an average swinging speed. What works for one mid handicapper might not suit another. Players with strong driving abilities may need to concentrate more on their wedges and short game.

We have presented all there is to learn about the best golf drivers for mid handicappers. Here you will also learn what is a good driver for an average golfer.

Which type of golf driver mid handicappers use?

The leading golf equipment manufacturers manufacture all golf drivers. All are fantastic items that serve a specific purpose in the hands of various players. Nothing compares to having one of the best golf drivers in the universe of the game.

A solid golf driver assists in perfecting your game. The majority of mid-handicappers pay greater care when selecting a golf driver.

If you are a gamer with a mid-handicap, you are probably seeking the best driver for the average golfer in 2021.

Most mid-handicappers prefer to pick the ZX5 over the ZX7 because of its bigger footprint. It also has a single weight positioned lower and more depth. Which makes it perfect for short drives that launch strong and carry long.

The ZX5 driver has the same appearance as the ZX7 driver, but it has more tolerance and a higher launching. It’s one of the greatest “plug-and-play” drivers available.

The ZX5 irons are appealing and exciting from every viewpoint. It’s a genuine standout in the domain of game development. It amazed players with the entire playability.

Best driver for mid handicapper - Adjustability:

There was a time when the ability to adjust the weight of the driver’s head used to be recognized as  “illegal” but the “once upon a time” is gone. That is no longer the case these days. As your game and swing change, you may want slightly to modify the weight of your driver to go along with the other changes. 

A driver that you can be adjusted to a changing swing is important so that your swing does not outgrow your clubs. It is not like I am advocating for the hyper- adjustable drivers available on the market. The hyper-adjustable golf drivers appear to be ‘more value’ in the sense that you can adjust the settings to anything that you like. 

The problem with the hyper- adjustable best golf drivers for mid handicappers is this very benefit. Whether you have the right setting every time you hit a drive in the trees is what you are going to be wandering.

I  personally prefer making golf simple and making it fun. Removing decision paralysis by setting yourself up with a golf driver that is moderately Adjustable drivers and simple will help you to keep confident and mentally strong, which is really counted in the game of golf. By moderately Adjustable weights loft sleeve weights.

I have tried to mean a golf driver that allows you to change the loft angle setting up or down a degree or two, but not a golf driver that lets mid handicap average golfer slide weights around the sole of the club. 

Draw Or Fade:

As a mid-handicapper, you know whether you have a tendency to draw the ball or hit a fade off of the tee. Go for a golf driver that is weighted and/or offset to protect against the negative aspect of your swing and accentuate the positive and flex.

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Top 10 Best golf drivers for mid handicappers Lists

1. Cobra F9 Speed back best golf drivers for mid handicappers

Cobra is one of the companies that dominate in golf clubs tech. It now makes very forgiving golf clubs that are specially  aimed at the Mid – handicappers, including the brilliant F7 and F8 irons. Their one-length irons are like working magic for many mid handicap golfers.

The Cobra F9 Speed back golf driver is the very first of its kind that combines both an aerodynamic head and low center of gravity. It is also the fastest driver of Cobra. The golf driver comes with a CNC Precision Milled face that is very hot and thin  and helps to promote really fast balls speeds. 

It is not unsafe to say that the Cobra F9 Speed back really looks wow. The yellow on black color scheme stands out amongst other drivers in the market this year, but it still looks neat, modern and powerful. According to our opinion, The head shape is the best.

In the case of the cobra f9 speed back golf driver, Performance is as good as the driver’s look. Long, Straight, Accurate and Forgiving are the four words that mid-handicappers look for in best golf drivers for mid handicappers and go with the f9 speed back very well. Speed back with Baffler twist face Jailbreak Technology, High MOI Shape, and Forged Stainless Steel Face have made the golf driver a perfect one for Mid – handicappers. 

We, along with our teammates, have tested the golf driver and found that the f9 speed back is very easy to hit  and the performance of it makes it feel like one of the most premium drivers available on the market. We strongly think that it will be like there is nothing that can stop you when you get on a role with this club out on the course on the angle.


  • Sweet spot (that is designed to help toe and heel hits)
  • Can be adjusted very easily and reduces the possibility to have decision paralysis
  • Lighter crown(that ensures more swing speed)
  • Crisp sound
  • Simple and milled clubs face for credence
  • Seems great at startup and aids in alignment


  • Not likely to add more distance
  • Not a good option for the golfers who want to shape the ball flight
  • Doesn’t sound as solid on impact
  • Is not as long or straight as some other drivers
Golf Club FlexRegular
Hand OrientationLeft
Golf Club Loft14.5 Degrees
BrandCobra Golf
Shaft MaterialFujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 7
Item Weight1 Pounds

2. Taylor made SIM  max best golf drivers for mid handicappers

Have  you acknowledged the weird shape on the sole of the Taylor made SIM? If your answer is  yes, You may already have  been able to get that it is pretty much like  a copy and paste of the Cobra F9 speed back design. 

The Taylor made SIM is like a monster. This golf driver is the real deal and  takes aerodynamics and swing speed to a new level. The aerodynamics on the bottom of the head of 460cc of the golf driver are built in a way that it creates more speed in your swing by decreasing the drag in key areas of your swing. The Taylor made SIM Max is specially aimed at giving you the most forgiveness in the SIM family that consists of 3 best golf drivers for mid handicappers SIM, SIM Max, and SIM Max D. 

The Inertia Generator with extra weight at the back is what you need to get the forgiveness that you require and that will allow your mishits to fly to the. At the very first look at the Taylor made SIM, the driver seems to be what it is. It is a real boss. Taylor made has done much with the design of this driver and helps to  throw some golfers off.

Unlike even the M5 and M6 drivers of the prior generation, It covers the balls. The crown of the Taylor made SIM is a composition of  matte finished gray and black and is shaped in such a way that it looks way bigger than the ball actually is. 

The sliding weight is much simpler now with the Taylor made SM You will not have  to tinker to adjust your ball flight. Conjoin the matte-finished composite with the gray color of the top line of the face, and this golf driver is very easy to arrange, see the full face at address, and instill confidence just having a look at it.


  • Doesn’t cost as much as other top end drivers
  • MOI and Higher spin for higher handicaps
  • The “twist face technology” Jailbreak Technologyof the golf driver adds.
  •  corrective face 
  •  corrective face angles the face.
  • Creates significant help and gives a draw
  • “Twist” at impact creates consistent accuracy
  • Draw bias
  • Easily adjustable


  • You may find shaping shots difficult
  • Maybe, Not a good option for a skilled golfer
  • The changes in the design may negatively affect some players
  • The Head cover is not good enough
ColorBlack, Titanium, Blue
Golf Club FlexStiff
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft9 Degrees
Shaft MaterialGraphite

3. Wilson D300 best golf drivers for mid handicappers

The Wilson Staff D300 iron comes with many of the same amazing features as the C200 model does. These  include the Power Holes that extend all the way around the perimeter of the clubs face, just with more offset and a thicker top line that is a good point of attraction for  higher handicappers.

Like some other best golf drivers for mid handicappers available on the market, The Wilson D300 staff golf driver has tried to indicate its performance by its name. The D in the name has been used to stand for distance that is one of the factors that Wilson bring forward boldly and in our testing session, We have found that the Wilson Staff D300 iron driver is really capable of doing what Wilson claims about the Wilson staff D300 iron driver in the case of the distance it can cover.

The wide sole of the driver also seems to have much to make the clubs more forgiving through the turf. Forgiveness and consistency of the side-to-side dispersion is really impressive.

The Wilson staff D300 is also like a boss in the case of sound. It gives a loud, powerful sound. The D300 looks, sounds and feels like a distance iron even with the Power Holes filled that are with urethane– which is obviously no bad thing.


  • High, straight, and long
  • Extreme forgiveness
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to hit
  • Solid feel
  • High balls flight


  • May be too long for some golfers
Golf Club FlexRegular
Hand OrientationLeft
Golf Club Loft10.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialGraphite

What keeps the Callaway Big Bertha golf driver ahead in comparison with other golf drivers that are available in the market is Callaway Big Bertha use of Artificial Jailbreak Technology(AI) that gives a sophisticated internal titanium rib system that easily fine-tunes the head, produces a deeper, highly satisfying sound and provides users a consistent performance. 

This artificial technology (Al) makes the golf driver one of the most technologically advanced best golf drivers for mid handicappers You will find in the market. Callvaway uses with the Callaway mavrik golf driver a new architecture that is of FS2S titanium, an extremely strong material which is about 6 grams lighter than traditional titanium in order to promote forgiveness, optimal speed, and spin robustness.

Callaway claims that the cyclone aero shape dramatically  decreases drag for added clubs head speed and we, with our teammates, have found this claim true.

The new Cyclone Aero shape of the Callaway mavrick golf driver really reduces drag  and ensures increased clubs head speed.

I particularly enjoy how solid it feels. It is like no energy is lost between the collision of clubs and balls, and the impact sound also deserves a thumbs up. The final words about the golf driver are “enjoyable thud at impact” and “solid feel” but you may feel like the orange colour cheapens the look for some (some of our teammates think it to do so).

Callaway’s claim is the Callaway Mavrik golf driver is an ideal option for most player profiles and Our team mates think that the golf driver is specially for the players with a tendency to slice flex.


  • Your slice can be fixed easily if that is something you have problems with
  • Feels very good at contact
  • A very good option for the players with higher swing speed
  • Weights can be interchanged
  • Flash Face technology ensures that the face of the club is stronger and can be bended very easily
  • Best sound
  • Very forgiving


  • The golf driver is built for the players who are above the average
  • The price is not that reasonable
  • The head size is somewhat smaller than other golf drivers
Golf Club FlexRegular
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft10.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialProject X Evenflow Riptide 50G
Item Weight50 Grams

5. Srixon Z 585 best golf drivers for mid handicappers

The very first two adjectives that go very well with The Srixon Z 585 golf drivers are great sounding and forgiving that is very important for handicappers. What we, in the very first place, noticed about the Srixon Z 585 golf drivers is the asymmetrical shape.

Instead of being a half-circle, more of the bulk has been shifted toward the heel. Some of our team members said that this change would make this distracting, but when we started hitting balls, we didn’t find it distracting at all.

The Srixon Z 585 golf drivers, like the Z 785, comes with  a crown that is like a mixture of triaxial carbon crown fiber and gloss black. Near the ball is  a small silver alignment aid that is set against gloss black.  The face is of average height and sits a hair closed at address in the center of gravity.

In delivering impact sound, The Z 585 drivers is, to a great extent, like its brother driver “Srixon Z 785 golf driver”. 

In our testing session, We have seen that impact is quiet, mid-pitched, and slightly metallic and the ball speed of the Z 585 drivers stays high. Even when we were trying  the balls off center of gravity, the trajectory stayed impressively consistent.

The Srixon Z 585 drivers, in some cases, seems to  produce a slightly higher balls flight and has a slight draw bias. best golf drivers for mid handicappers Callaway Big Bertha flex. 


  • Really easy to launch high draws
  • Great sound
  • Excellent forgiveness
  • The Ti51AF Cup Face that generates satisfying ball speed for greater distance
  • Reasonable price
  • Lighter and stronger
  • Good-looking
  • Balanced and feels good in hands


  • Customization options are not satisfactory
Golf Club FlexRegular
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft10.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialHZDRS Red (61 Grams)

6. Titlist TS3 best golf drivers for mid handicappers

The titlist Ts3 golf driver, a traditional package of modern performance, is one of the TS models that are not based on an older model, Rather, They are built from the very ground up. Titlist can be said to be like without any weakness with the golf driver. 

At the very first address, The golf driver feels round, symmetrical, and significantly shorter from front-to-back than the  Titlist TS2 golf driver. The gloss black crown of the driver makes the golf driver the most classic-looking driver available on the market. To us, The driver has been felt to be  more forgiving and easier to hit than the previous 917 D2 driver and this was a very pleasant surprise to the center of gravity. 

How much distance a golf driver can cover and how accurate a golf driver is are two primary strong points that golfers look for in their best golf drivers for mid handicappers. The Titlist Ts3 golf driver is like a boss in the case of the distance it can cover. It delivers on both the accuracy and the distance. Its speed is mind-blowing. Speed may be the thing that the manufacturer has kept in the very first place of its priorities and “Accuracy” may be guessed to be in the 2nd position.

The driver assembles a little spin and this will make sure that you will not have to be worried about the driver’s accuracy.

With the titlist Ts3 golf driver, You will have multiple shaft options that you can choose from, and all the shaft options are premium shafts in the Callaway Big Bertha.

We have hit the Titlist TS3 golf driver  in both cool temperatures and hot temperatures, under  both rainy skies and clear skies, and on multiple courses, and we have seen that the more we hit it, the more we salivated about the performance of the Ts3. Some of our teammates think  they have never felt more comfortable in the tee box with any other Titlist drivers.


  • The driver can be said to be created for speed
  • Technologically, The driver is very rich
  • Comes in a traditional look that many golfers love
  • Looks very good at setup and increases confidence level
  • Produces less spin in comparison to many of the counterparts; which is very important as the club is made for speed
  • The club can easily be adjusted as per skill level and conditions
  • One of the most forgiving golf drivers  on the market


  • Somewhat expensive in comparison to some others options available
  • This is not a good option for those who want the most forgiving one.It is built to maximize balls speed and reduce spin at the expense of forgiveness and shaping.
Golf Club FlexStiff
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft9.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialGraphite

7. Ping G400 best golf drivers for mid handicappers

Ping have set the benchmark for club golfers drivers over the years. As is always true, The golf drivers from Ping are very solid, and  build on sound engineering principles 

The Ping G400 golf driver comes with a compact and  aerodynamic shape that ensures stability that golfers actually dream of getting from PING clubs. 

Forgiveness and speed are two things that have been given the maximum priority in the case of the Ping G400 golf driver. The Ping G400  golf driver is  smaller, sleeker and more streamlined in comparison to  the previous Ping G model. With the golf driver, PING has used Dragonfly Jailbreak Technology that decreases the weight on the crown and lowers the CG. 

The innovative technological advances and the super design is really capable of taking your game to a whole new level.

The infinity crown of the golf driver makes the head of the driver look smaller and the wider tabulators just behind the leading edge make it look cutting-edge and modern without being overly in your face.

On the first swing we tried with the Ping G400 LST model, it immediately felt lighter and quicker through the air and at impact, we were greeted with a quieter, duller thud sound in comparison to the louder clang that we got from the G driver. Both of the best golf drivers for mid handicappers feel powerful, but the new Ping G400 golf driver seems to be a stark improvement in this area.


  • Ultra – low CG makes the driver one of the most forgiving golf drivers available on the market
  • A good option for those who are looking for improved aerodynamics
  • PING’s dragonfly technology makes the driver unique and sleek
  • The thrill of the game is enhanced by the solid sound off the club face at impact
  • The trajectory tuning Jailbreak Technology with adjustable hotel allows golfers easily to control
  • More stable Though the driver is made smaller to ensure added workability and speed


  • The smaller design of the driver is likely to decrease  confidence level on the ball if you are not a pro
  • Somewhat expensive
  • The 45.75 shaft makes the Ping G400 driver one of the largest drivers 
Golf Club FlexStiff
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft10.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialGraphite Ping Alta CB 55

8. Mizuno ST200 G best golf drivers for mid handicappers

Mizuno came up with a new lineup of drivers for 2020  aiming at making them a bigger player in the metal woods’ category. Three (ST200 Driver,ST200G Driver, and ST200X Driver)  of the new lineup of best golf drivers for mid handicappers is what Minzu are ready to take on the world  and are designed to provide every player with something that can fit their game. 

Of the three options of Mizuno, The mizuno ST200 G golf driver is a perfect option for those golfers with higher  and an all- round performance without a punchy price tag. The golf driver ensures forgiveness with an 11.6g tungsten back weight and maximizes carry distance. The 11.6g tungsten back weight does not mean that spin is not low. 

The standard ST200 is not  adjustable but is slightly higher-spinning than the G model. The Mizuno ST200 driver comes with a club face that is  made from a revolutionary new kind of beta titanium. This unique material is stronger and more flexible, and allows Mizuki to make the entire face thinner and ensure more spring-like effect and explosiveness at impact. 

As the entire face is combined with the multi-thickness CORRECT design, It is pushed to the legal limit of speed. In the case of looks, the classic profile behind the ball also gets the nod, as does the sound at impact, which was loud, and  It is without overpowering. In testing, We have found that the Milano ST200 G golf driver feels stable and solid enough and gives  impressive performance.


  • Looks classical at setup
  • Perfect value for money
  • Controlling and shaping are very easy
  • A forgiving design
  • Can be customized to adjust pin
  • If not the best, one of the best launch  loft angle.


  •  In terms of ball speed, distance, and accuracy, The golf driver can be said to be a good option but not the best option.
  • Mizuki should have improved sound. Sound is not that satisfactory
Golf Club FlexStiff
Hand OrientationLeft
Golf Club Loft9.5 Degrees
Shaft MaterialDriver

9. Cobra Golf 2020 Men's Speedzone Iron Set

In 2019, the COBRA F9 FEEDBACK golf driver dominated the market and was recognized as one of the most popular sticks in the game. This year, COBRA has come up with the bar yet again with the new SPEEDING drivers.

Some technologies used in the King Speed zone driver is likely to look familiar to the technologies used in the previous King F9 driver. This is because Cobra kept some of the F9’s design elements, boosted others, and also introduced some new tech in order to make sure that  the Speed zone driver is a stronger performer.

 The Cobra Speed zone golf driver is, without any doubt, a good-looking driver that is cleaner, easier to align with the infinity face and with a slick new alignment logo and graphics around the edges.

Cobra has kept their belief in a traditional shape in the case of the cobra speed zone driver, but the general aesthetic is  up- to- date. The carbon fiber crown of the driver  comes in a glossy finish if your choice is  the yellow model, or a matte finish if your choice is the white model. 

The driver has two adjustable sole weights that allow golfers to customize the center of gravity: that is you can move the CG forward or backward. 

The option to adjust sole weights also has much to do with the launch angle and spin. The speed zone’s new aero shape that is triaxial carbon crown most aerodynamic helps to generate faster clubs speeds.

Cobra’s 360º carbon wrap has added about 10% more triaxial carbon crown to the Speed zone’s crown and has a positive impact on the sound. The sound is satisfactory. Only the severe misses were felt to sound different at impact.

In our testing, We have found that the cobra speed zone is very smooth, well- balanced and flat out fast. In comparison to the prior generations of the cobra best golf drivers for mid handicappers, The cobra speed zone felt more forgiving and the new T bar that is made of a strong metal has made the driver more stable. And best the technologies  corrective face angle.


  • Longer and straighter in comparison to the previous offerings from Cobra
  • For golfers of about all skill levels, This is a good option
  • Aids in assignment
  • Looks great at setup


  • The sound is not solid at impact
  • Not that long or straight
Golf Club FlexStiff
Hand OrientationLeft
Golf Club Loft48 Degrees
BrandCobra Golf
Shaft MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight8 Pounds
Grip SizeStandard
Grip TypeLamkin Crossline Connect-Black

The PING G410 LST golf  driver is the very first sliding weight driver from PING. The driver is the lower spinning version of the G410 Plus and  built for speed, distance, customizable performance, and forgiveness.

The way the PING G410 LST looks will be anything  surprising for  those who are already familiar with the last few generations of golf drivers from PING. The crown of the Ping G410 LST is matte black and the leading edge has Pinged’s Tabulators. 

The difference is that you will not see the Dragonfly Technology on the back of the head.  Instead of that, you’ll  get to see two ridges that run from the back side of the head to the middle. The head size of the driver  is somewhat smaller in comparison to the Plus version and the CG is set in order to decrease spin several hundred rpm, but it still provides very high forgiveness and best technologie.

The wonderful impact sound is really satisfying. It’s a bass-y, mid-volume, staccato “crack” that increases a solid feel.

PING claims The Ping G410 LST golf driver is 200-400 RPM lower spinning than the Plus model and SFT, depending on the player and the shaft”

In our test, we have seen that The LST’s spin is about 10.5 degree against 9 degree of the plus model.

In the case of a golf driver of low spin, answering the question of how much forgiveness we are going to lose  is really important. This is not a problem with the Ping G410 golf driver. We have seen that The forgiveness we lose is very little.

The Ping G410 plus is one of the most forgiving best golf drivers for mid handicappers available on the market and the Ping G410 LST is just behind the Ping G410 plus. Don’t worry. It is that far behind.

 Moreover, Ball speed and launch  seem very consistent even at the time when impact skipped around the face.


  • Super easy to use
  • Worth the price you pay for the driver
  • Good-looking
  • Sound at impact
  • Good feel
  • Sets up square
  • Very consistent


  • The forgiveness that you will be able to lose with the Ping G410 LST is not as good as the forgiveness you will be able to lose with the Ping G410 plus model.
Golf Club FlexSenior
Hand OrientationRight
Golf Club Loft54 Degrees
BrandIDrive Hybrids
Shaft MaterialGraphite
Grip SizeSenior
Grip TypeBlack Pro Velvet

Is the golf drivers are different?

Every golfer’s swing is different, and the golf driver is additional. You could find that one club is ideal for you than others.

A modern driver can now make it easy to hit the ball hard and straight as a matter of course. It’s a question of determining which sort of driver is best for your game.

Previously, drivers were all constructed of wood and had a similar appearance. Golf driver comes in various styles and shapes. Also, they are made from various materials.

Many golfers pick the recent one they’ve seen in the market over one that would help them enhance their game.

What is the general price range of these golf drivers?

If you desire to find the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers, you may have to make a financial sacrifice. Golf clubs range in price from $200 to $400, based on the sort of club you require.

There are always some people who can not afford the high price. There is also a further alternative for you if you are on a restricted budget. A secondhand putter may be good for you. It may cost as low as $2, whereas a fresh driver can cost upwards of $600.

So, people with tight and high budge can enjoy the best golf drivers for mid handicappers 2021.

How to choose a comfortable golf driver?

Picking a driver on its excellent look is not the best approach to purchasing one if you want to improve your game of golf. In reality, 9 out of ten golfers use drivers that lack enough loft and are too lengthy for their motions.

Besides, because specific drivers are costly doesn’t imply that you will see a boost in your game fast. When looking for a new driver, keep the following points in mind. Consider following below for having the best driver for a senior mid handicap golfer.

  • Choose a driver with the right amount of loft for your requirements.
  • Search for a driver that will give you the most appropriate trajectories for your game style.
  • Please verify that your fresh driver has a tolerance score. Since it is appropriate for your game’s skill.
  • Select a driver with a shaft that is the appropriate length.

A perfect golf driver can make a huge difference. In golf, A successful round starts with a strong tee shots and to make strong tee shots and to make every shots count, A golfer needs to be ready with the right best golf drivers for mid handicappers. 

For a Mid – Handicappers, A golf driver is not something that can be said to be the ultimate game to improve, but It is, for sure, something that a mid-handicapper will get benefits from. A golf driver that is decent for Mid-handicappers makes a mid-handicapper unshakably confident on every tee box and lets’ know where the balls are going to go and what shape it is going to get there.

Though It is true that the majority of the golf drivers put out by manufacturers are built for Mid-handicappers, It is sometimes difficult for Mid – handicappers to choose the right one from so many golf drivers that are available in the market. 

The article is for those Mid-handicappers who are having difficulty selecting the right golf drivers as per their specific needs. Here, In this article, we have listed the most important factors that you should keep in your mind at the time when you decide to select a golf driver, and reviewed the top 10 best golf drivers for mid handicappers.

Here we have a quick reference to picking a shaft based on your driver swing speed:
  • 70-80 mph: Senior Flex (A)
  • 80-90 mph: Regular Flex ®
  • 90-100 mph: Stiff Flex (S)
  • 100+ mph: Extra Stiff Flex (X)

Most of the golf shops will give you the opportunity to test this. You can easily test at a golf shop or driving range. Most places will allow you to hit in the nets for free because that is the way they can convince you to buy a driver. 

How many golf drivers you need?

Learning how many clubs you’re permitted to bring is crucial. If you’re performing in a public event. Carrying too several clubs may lead to a penalty, which can ruin a good game of golf.

A starter golfer is permitted to have 14 clubs in his kit, as per the USGA (United States Golf Association). This is the most number of strokes permitted under golf regulations.

There’s no need to bring less than 14 with you. Each club may serve a distinct role whenever the set is correctly formed.

If the player has fewer than 14 clubs in his purse, he may increase the number of clubs in his kit until he gets 14.

What are the best features of a golf driver?

It’s vital to choose a golf driver that fits your style of play. Particularly if you enjoy this game on a daily basis and want to improve your quick driver.

Keep an eye out if you want to learn more about the best golf drivers for high handicappers. There are several things to consider while looking for a golf driver to help you record the best scores.

If you’re searching for a new driver, here is the place to go. To pick the best one, you must analyze seven essential factors:

  • Degree of expertise,
  • The clubhead’s and clubface’s shape and size
  • Color
  • Loft
  • Shaft adjustability and

Buying Guide for the best golf drivers for mid handicappers

A perfect golf driver determined the way you play. A first shot that splits the fairway puts you in a good scoring position. A superb golf driver may help you fill in the gaps in your play and boost your belief. As a result, choosing the correct driver is essential.

However, before you start searching for the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers, there are a few things to consider. It’s a smart option to educate yourself on the various features. You won’t be stressed out and will make an informed decision.

If you have been a golf driver for further than five years. You effectively give up reliability, distance, and tolerance to your competition.

Keep the points in mind when picking up the best golf drivers for mid-handicappers.

Level of Skill

There are now more good shots than foul shots for people in the middle of their handicaps. They may now spend their hard-earned money on tools that will help them improve their skills. Improve your aiming skills to become a one-handicap golfer

The shape of the head

The shape of the head heavily influences the quantity of tolerance. On the market, both roundhead and square drivers are accessible. You’ll need to select between the two while seeking a driver.

Golfers should pick drivers that they are comfy hitting, according to experts. When you use these drivers, you’ll also cover more ground. Square drivers are suitable for skilled golfers.


Your chosen driver’s mobility will allow you to modify your strokes. A straight shot is nothing to be embarrassed by. You could get yourself in a scenario where you need to mold the ball.


When choosing a shaft, keep in mind that they come in various lengths, weights, flexes, and bend curves. You may see unusual results if you select the wrong shaft.

Your swing speed will mainly determine the shaft flex. The right shaft will help you strike the ball with more regularity. It also improves your perception and input.

As a result, don’t overlook the shaft while choosing your driver. Since it is essential for improving your swing motion and balancing your agility.


Drivers are one of the most expensive golf clubs available. Whether you need to grab a driver, you must see a better option based on your budget.

If your cash is limited, you might go for used yet high-quality drivers. Similarly, it would be best if you were not afraid to invest in a high-quality driver. Pick a golf driver that can assist you in improving your game. That is an excellent investment.


It implies you should score in the 80s every round and reach 90 in the other rounds.

It’s a blend of forgivingness and precision. Your golf IQ improves as you improve your game. 

The Ping G425 Max is the most OK driver. It gives a lot of flexibility while still providing you with the data you want to progress. It will assist you in increasing your clubhead power without requiring more effort on your side.


It is better to have the best golf drivers for the mid handicappers to be pro players. You will progress and acquire skills over time. If your driver isn’t giving you strokes, you’ve got the proper driver. Have fun learning, taking in the scenery, and dropping some shine over the path.

We have covered all you require to know about the best golf drivers for mid handicappers. In addition, we’ve given the best buying guide.