Best fairway woods for high handicappers – 2021 Golf Pointer

We will discuss a new issue today. Which has not been discussed through us in the near past. The topic we need is The Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers. One of the advantages of being a golfer in the modern age is that you can choose from a lot of different brands of options.

The farewell wood comes for a lot of users. They usually work with drivers. These are your first options if you are in short par-4s or possibly long par-3s. Unfortunately, many are confused about the fact that any farewell wood is right for them.

Perhaps, you’re looking for more lofts or something that can help you get your shot straight and a little further? To clear the confusion of golfers like you, we decided to come up with a list of the best farewell wood with high disabilities.

Best fairway woods for high handicappers – 2021 Golf Pointer

MW8 Moon Wood – Premium Golf Fairway Wood


The ball gets up in the air and is very easy. Lower profile wood. This is perfect if you have trouble hitting the farewell woods. MW8 Moon Wood is a love it, or it’s hate-type club, which some slow high handicappers cheer and jump to collect. Moon woods with very high lofts are usually seen in hybrids designed to reach the top very easily in the air. However, if you have a quick swing or already like your farewell wood, you may only hit useless popups. 

Lofts: Lofts range from 21 degrees to 33 degrees, these farewell wood designed as replacements for long and middle iron. Many high handicappers struggle with long iron and even struggle to hit hybrids properly. If he is you, you can get a lot of things by liking it. Moon Woods is Best fairway woods for high handicappers. It offers good forgiveness for off-center hits. You are not getting much distance from these compared to a typical 3 and 5 wooden farewell wooden setup. 

But if you can’t hit 3-wood properly, it’s not your concern! 21-degree flies like a superbly hit 3-iron as it adds a bit of paused power than generating a tighter time to make most high handicappers. 

Shallow: Moon Woods is a very low profile completed. If they are absolutely spread, it makes them difficult to hit, so if you decide to snatch them, be sure you want to keep them close to the ground. But it helps them cut roughness and get under the ball through a hard road sometimes when it seems that only the 9-iron or pitching wedge will be able to give the ball enough lift to escape heavy roughness, the Moon Wood task is raised. 

If you have trouble trimming chips and if you want more reliable options, take Moon Wood to a shipping field while you practice next time. You may be delighted and surprised that the ball goes down into the air and spins beautifully towards the hole. 

Value: Compared to the prices of well-known companies, it’s hard for a relatively unknown company to survive, but if you miss the old Adams tight lys club, or you’re new to the game and can’t hit the farewell woods or hybrid, they’re your perfect fit to give shots. Specially designed for both men and women, MW8 Moon Wood has gained popularity among high handicappers. If you have done your research in the past, you may already encounter this farewell wood in review of other people. It has become popular as it helps users to boost their confidence even after they still start learning to swing. The shallow club face design combines its low gravity center to speed up a high launch and creative ball. With its gravity center low, you will get a higher trajectory with minimal effort. It even gives you the idea of being “hittable”. Many pointed out that mw 8 Moon Wood lacks feeling. While this is true, you have to consider that it is basically designed for high handicappers, which gives priority to forgiveness over feeling.

We mentioned below some features of MW8 Moon Wood: Its club flexibility is solid, it is more useful for right-handed players, its loft rises to 21 degrees, its component is wood, its club head shaft is graphite-rich stainless steel. 


  • Thin club face.
  • The center of gravity is a high loft completed. 
  • Aerodynamic design.

  • Provides great MOI.


  • It takes some time to adjust.
  • Expensive.

Callaway Golf Rogue Fairway Wood


Most technically advanced wood: Long in size. Boeing’s technology completed for incredible club head speed. Callaway Rogue Farewell Wood has gained fame as one of the most popular clubs in the market in the fastest time since it hit the market. Featuring Boeing’s collaborative aerodynamics, Rogue the farewell wood is one of the longest and most excellent farewell wood in the market. 

Club head speed: the Best fairway woods for high handicappers The Callaway Rogue fairway woods it has the qualities of “jailbreak technology” that, in collaboration with aircraft manufacturer Boeing, designs their wind flow to speed up the club head. This Rogue the farewell wood translates very quickly into the farewell wood with a hot face that really grows and flies in the air. high handicappers will find that Rogue 3-wood is easier to beat than their driver and longer than that, so you can hit 3-wood in most cases. The increased speed of the club head also helps to generate more roughness from the fairway sand even rough. 

Forgiveness: While Callaway has done its best to maximize the distance, the driver’s pardon has given some leeway. Heels and toes fly offline with minor corrections. The distance is up to now, but it would be nice to show more weight to help the goal-returning wrong hit. high handicappers always search for longer distances, so Rogue is good for short, straight hits, for those who like to play longer shots. If you are high handicapper you can walk a club that corrects another direction while you are always on the field to hit 50 yards offline. 

If you visit the market to buy the best Callaway farewell wood, you can consider Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood. What makes it a good option is that it is capable of giving different types of lofts. It has been brought into line with jailbreak technology which has further improved the transfer of power from the club to the ball. Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood is Best fairway woods for high handicappers. 

An important feature of which is its light club face. Made of triaxial carbon crowns, it is much lighter than titanium. It is also well known for its high MOI as it has its weight placed at one end of the club. Callaway has also made a lot of headway in its Face Cup technology. Its thin club face creates better ball speed that improves distance excellently. Its center of gravity is located low and forward. If you ask why Callaway designed the heart of the habit in this way? This is because it prefers high loft and low spin. On top of that, you’ll also find a dynamic design that allows each swing to pull less. 

The Best fairway woods for high handicappers Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood its price is a bit expensive. It should not be seen by those who do not have a big budget Also, the center of gravity is also not liked by some experts and is not located at the back. Although it is designed this way for a particular reason, many are not used to it, as it takes time to get used to it. 

We mentioned below Callaway Golf Rogue Fairway Wood some of its features at a glance: Its club flexibility is regular, especially suitable for right-handed players, its loft rises to 19 degrees, its component is graphite, its shaft is graphite rich and its color is black.


  • Thin club face.
  • The center of gravity is a high loft completed. 
  • Aerodynamic design.

  • Provides great MOI.


  • It takes some time to adjust.
  • Expensive.

TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway Wood


TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway Wood is full of the latest technology. It is rewarded for its features and qualities. This is the new version of M5 and M4. This Best fairway woods for high handicappers Fairway Wood is the best farewell wood of the time. This Fairway Wood of TaylorMade is the best-selling, mostly advanced driver in the market. Every year it looks like they are looking for a new featured technology that guarantees greater distance, straight shots and lower scores. Every year they provide an unconventional product that is truly more effective than its contestants. Taylormade M6 Fairway Wood is one of the best clubs tested for golfers at any level. 

Efficiency: The big selling feature for M6 Fairway Wood is its Twist Face technology, a tweed version of classic “bulge and roll” technology. Instead of standard bulges and rolls, the twist face has been tweeted about further corrections to high-footed and low-heeled hits; These are the most common or wrong hits for all golfers with the most focus. 

Usually a high-foot edifice throws the balloon to the right, but twist face spin helps keep the flight low and turn back towards the main line of the shot. Although it is not guaranteeing good results, it definitely helps to reduce the number of evils. The thinness of the face combined with the rear speed pocket turns the M6 Fairway Wood into a rocket.


Quality: TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway Wood is Best fairway woods for high handicappers. There is a price specific in line with its performance level. high handicappers may have a difficult time justifying this cost, especially when they can get more benefits by playing over time rather than more new equipment. There are relatively good clubs there compared to lower prices, if you ask for that extra distance and forgiveness, I’d advise you to accept it. The Taylormade M6 is suitable for both new and senior golfers. 

Is it just for sale? 

I would say that yes is partly true, now you can argue that m-series clubs are several popular clubs that came out of Taylormade to the market. 

But does that make it one of the best taylormade farewell wood options?

First, it is available in various layout options. You can select from 15, 18, 24 and 21 degree mount options. It comes with a variety of state-of-the-art technologies that make TaylorMade m6 as the ideal alternative for high handicappers. 

One, it has twist face technology which means that you correct facial curvature when you don’t off-hit. You get a direct shot even if you miss the sweet spot. After that, the Taylormade M6 is made of various materials that make the head bigger using carbon crown material. It helps contribute to his overall play ability, and it gives the players a longer distance. It also has a speed pocket design that improves the flexibility of the club. 

Also, it performs better during low-face blocking. While it is highly forgiving and designed for the elderly and young, the TaylorMade M6 can be mostly confusing especially for those who want to further improve its swing. You can get a straighter shot without hitting the right place. 

Besides, it can also be a bit expensive for many. 

We mentioned below TaylorMade Golf some features of m6 Fairway Wood at a glance: Its club flexibility is regular, especially suitable for left-handed players, its loft rises to 21 degrees, its shaft material is fujikura atom’s orange rich and its height is 110.50 cm, its length – 3.81 cm and width: about 10.70 cm.


  • TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway Wood is highly forgiving. 
  • Swing fast. 

  • Lightweight.

  • Different layout options.


  • It’s expensive.
  • It is dependent on technology rather than creating accuracy.

TaylorMade Men’s Arrow burner Fairway Wood


TaylorMade Men’s Arrow burner Fairway Wood It is long in size. It helps in great lines and alignment. Its spot is very sweet. We have another walk on the top farewell wood list with TaylorMade’s Arrow burner model. 

This Best fairway woods for high handicappers TaylorMade Men’s Arrow burner Fairway Wood has a white club head designed with a deep speed pocket and the channel raised in its crown, which looks different. Alignment support is one of the best to check and distance is definitely satisfied when you hit the big sweet spot. 

Although no offset like cobra wood has been observed specifically on taylormade arrow burner farewell wood, it seems to offer a good game. This may be due to weight or hosel style, but it somehow gives you the opportunity to correct any errors related to your game. For many golfers, drawing kids with the farewell wood is the sacred thing, because being a good rollout is usually the longest shot you can hit. Taylormade Arrow Burner is made to kill high baby drawings. Lined lines: Alignment Aids in Taylormade Arrow burner are, Best fairway woods for high handicappers. Because, these are the best of the tested farewell wood. 

In addition to the “Arrow burner” logo located entirely above the sweet spot, the club has a channel cut at its top that is less than the sweet spot and really helps to attract your eyes. high handicapper will appreciate the help of this alignment as it is easy to stop a suitable setup and alignment. Then row it with the Arrow burner and follow your legs and body to those lines. You can feel you are on the right track, and believe it. White 

Clubhouse: For a long time, Taylormade’s wood was only in a white-design. It’s an intelligent sales move, because it was a very easy thing to watch everyone on TV using white club heads. But what I found in my observation is that many golfers are not big fans. Because the farewell wood gets dirty easily, especially if you hit a lot in the indifferent direction, it gets worse. It takes a while to get used to it, but if the results are good, I guess you’ll get used to it without too much hassle. 


Forgiving: This Best fairway woods for high handicappers a great, big sweet touch of arrow burner farewell wood, which is great. But most high handicapper still miss this huge sweet touch often. And off-center contacts are not as consistent with Arrow burner as high-rated clubs. 

Arrow burner is a good quality fairway wood if you look for a distance and high flight above forgiveness. A lot of users consider Taylormade Men’s Arrow burner to be the best fairway wood in the market today. It not only provides them with aerodynamic designs that can swing users as well as swing less, but it gives you a more sweet touch. 

Is this the best taylormade fairway wood in the current market? 

For freshers, it uses a high energy material on its face. This means you are able to use it for a long time. If you are someone who wants to hit right, you can use the TaylorMade Men’s Arrow burnerFairway Wood logo to find your shot. We also mentioned that the aerodynamic design it has can allow anyone to try to develop speed in its swing. For her, this design is very useful, because it pulls less when you swing. However, one thing you can’t just like is that it’s quite expensive compared to other products in the market. 

We mentioned below some features of TaylorMade Men s Arrow burner: Its club flexibility is solid, especially suitable for left-handed players, its loft rises to 19 degrees, its component is graphite, its shaft material is rich in graphite matrix speed RLL-Z and weighs about 2 pounds.


  • Higher loft rich and less spindly.
  • Aerodynamic design is rich.
  • Big sweets have a kind of touch.


  • A little expensive. 
  • There is no compatibility.

TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood


TaylorMade M4 Its feeling is great. Its distance in off-center hits is very good. The ball can be smoothly raised. Taylormade m4 has topped fairway wood my tests this year for hot faces and strong forgiveness. You won’t find its features in the rest of the taylormade wood, but it’s a wonderful option for high handicappers. 

Feeling: One of the most important features of the outline-indefatigable quality known as “feeling” is the sound of the club. Earlier, I got the sound of plastic in it while performing with taylormade wood. It is common in wood which uses carbon fiber synthetic materials instead of hard metal. 

The Best fairway woods for high handicappers TaylorMade M4 has paid a lot of attention to this aspect and the word has really improved a lot. Low spin and high 

launch: The carbon-fiber material used at its peak helps to move this Best fairway woods for high handicappers Taylormade M4 to the lower and forward of the center of gravity, providing a combination of high introduction and low spin to achieve hard-to-achieve at this point. 

TaylorMade is popular among m4 high handicappers that allows users to enjoy a forgiving club that helps them improve their shots. Although it is considered a non-adjustable driver, it has a regular handle that can help you change the loft and wrong angle. The M4 allows the ball to launch high, and you can also get less spin. 

This is because of the center of gravity design. Taylormade M4 speed pockets create more ball speed at club face for longer distances and firmer forgiveness. It offers a chance for ultra-powerful Ni-Co 300 steel face ball speed The 5-layer carbon peak and a steel peak store 8 grams to create a low spin by running higher launches while reducing spin. 

Game through Geo so stick technology: A large footprint and low-profile size makes it much easier to run and easier to play. This shape is given only for maximum play ability and better sound experience. 

We mentioned below some features of TaylorMade M4: Its club flexibility is extremely tough, especially suitable for left-handed players, its loft rises to 18 degrees, its component is graphite, and its shaft material is also rich in graphite.


  • Slice is designed to prevent. 
  • Allows you to adjust the foot socks and hand socks.

  • Creates very high launches and low spin.

  • highly forgiving.


  • Light shaft.

Taylor Made Men’s RBZ


Taylor Made Men’s RBZ Very light weight for longer distances. I’ve seen by my high handicappers the amount of previous favourite white taylormade RBZs will leave you shocked. The Best fairway woods for high handicappers is Taylormade RBZ, which has periodically restored the influence of white golf clubs by introducing them in black. Taylormade RBZ’s shaft is only 55 grams weight, so you can expect a lot lighter feeling and more speed of the club. Taylormade RBZ seems as if it goes down the ball from the fairway than previous versions and is much more by flying the ball off the field with a soft landing. It is of two sizes i.e. 16.5 and 18 inches. 

Of these, 18 inches more are available, making it great wood from the fairway. Taylormade Men’s RBZ is becoming a wide choice among high handicappers. The wood is designed with a wonderful satin black finish, it’s outstanding in the aesthetics section. 

And it can’t be finished by talking about effectiveness. This club provides a lot in terms of effectiveness. It has a speed pocket a positioned pad that increases the launch to further strengthen the distance of the ball. It has a slightly deep profile that reduces its center of gravity. 

Furthermore, it also has a titanium core, this titanium core pushing the middle depth of gravity back to the head which helps the club to upgrade to a higher launch after coming in contact with the club. The titanium core also speeds up the high ball as this package improves the transfer of energy. 

We mentioned below some features of Taylor Made Men’s RBZ: Its club flexibility is regular, especially suitable for right-handed players, its loft rises to 18 degrees, its shaft material is rocket fuel rich in 65 graphite, its color is black and weighs 1.5 pounds.


  • The speed pocket and face make better noise for further distances.
  • The shaft is very light for more swing speed and distance. 
  • Good price and big name products. 

  • Loft from 16.5 degrees to 18 degrees perfect for maximum forgiveness. 

  • Great words and feelings. High introduction and low spin.


  • Small sweet spots compared to other high-disability wood. 
  • Not for this quick swinger.

Callaway Golf Epic Flash


Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood Callaway Golf Epic Flash is the best gift for low-disabled and important golfers. It has flash face technology for maximum ball speed. It also has jailbreak technology for more power of golf balls. It weighs incredibly light. Best fairway woods for high handicappers is Callaway Golf Epic Flash Farewell Wood. Which adds another victory to this group with prakash. With a lot of creative quality, epic flash farewell is a straight-up demonic quality, it provides unusual distance with significant forgiveness. Which is beyond imagination. Determined by the club’s consistent loft, handle and back weight, Callaway Golf Epic Flash the club lets a golfer choose from a lot of options that are ideal for them to play. 

Flash Face Technology: If you search for more distance from your farewell wood, the epic flash line is the most useful for you. Callaway Golf Epic Flash designed the club face-to-face in their epic flash woods with the help of artificial intelligence to make the club’s influence area smaller and shot heated for length growth. 

Face Cup technology for firm forgiveness: the Best fairway woods for high handicappers Callaway Golf Epic Flash is connected to the Flash Face feature on The Farewell Wood, to help keep your shots straight wherever they look at the club. The role of flash face cups is paramount to keep the golf ball on your target line. 

Made by steel, the face cup helps to deliver significantly faster speed. The epic flash is fitted with a hosel, so golfers can customize the farewell wood as they wish. 

Callaway Golf Epic Flash club’s foot socks are light and fast for longer distances, bending the club in small quantities that help keep the impact stable for higher introductions. Though it is a little more expensive than other wood. But you can say that this is one of the best farewell wades ever. 

We mentioned below Callaway Golf here are some of the features of the 2019 Epic Flash: Its club flexibility is solid, especially suitable for left-handed players, its loft rises to 15 degrees, its component is graphite rich, its shaft material is the color of this Fairway Wood rich in EIM 10 70G and weighs 1 pound.


  • It’s easy to hit.
  • Improves the speed and distance of the ball.
  • Designed to improve energy transfer.


  • A little expensive.

Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway Wood


Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood is Best fairway woods for high handicappers It exists in three different options including 8-wood, 3-wood. It has a balanced loft handle and rear weight, which gives good quality control to the golfer. Its body is very lightweight. The most affordable, early farewell wood in the market is Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood notable. 

It is a mix of the company’s most innovative as speed back and Buffalo technologies are the thinnest and hottest in Cobra. Throws off the balanced loft handle and shift able rear weight and becomes a powerhouse on the Fe 9 Way farewell. Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood has eight adjustable layout settings, giving golfers more control over the height of their shots and the game. 

Three items: King F9 Farewell is available in the market on three different items to customize your club set. One is 3-4 wood, another is 5-6 wood and the other is 7-8 wood, any 1 of them can be liked. Every club provides its shape and height, which is the way you want it to be. Golfers use the popular 3-4 wooden shallow rails to create dynamic speed from their long farewell wood. The railways help to lift down and more rounded, rough and hard stone surfaces from the trouble spots. 

Aerodynamic Crown: the Best fairway woods for high handicappers Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood has an incredibly smooth aerodynamic peak for the most club head-ons. It is lightweight and durable. Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood its carbon fiber peak leads to higher weight swells of the head that allows for the lower reaches of the center of gravity. Which combines side by side spin for straighteners and more accurate shots to create incredibly high launches. 

Highly quality for high handicappers : Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood’s 5/6 and 7/8 wood will be great favorites for two high handicappers. 

Below it is the rail that helps control the club head through the turf. They need not worry about whether their settings are correct as high handicapper. You can adjust the mount on the hosel by moving it up and down a few degrees – so the number of clubs can be 5 or 6 wood and 7 or 8 wood settings. Its loft itself helps you bring the ball into the air more efficiently by combining it all the way. 

We mentioned below Cobra F9 Speed back Fairway Wood some of its features at a glance: Its club flexibility is senior, especially suitable for right-handed players, its loft rises to 22.5 degrees, its component is graphite rich, its shaft material is UST Helium 60 rich Fairway Wood its color is black/yellow and weighs 1 pound.


  • The three models are found in 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 wooden settings.
  • Foot socks are easily available.
  • No annoying weight or slider.
  • Can generate a lot of speed. 
  • It is very easy to design and align the peaks.


  • Matte finish means scratches are much more obvious.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood


TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway is the latest technology to hit easily from the deck. First you can ignore the 15 degree version, because its loft is too low. In addition to 15°, they have 18, 20 and 24 degree versions. The most interesting of these is 24 degrees! The previous feature has been adjusted from previous models in the Taylormade range. 

The crown is fully, steeled in front and back, containing a composite carbon to provide weight so that it makes it easier to fly the ball. Twist face technology is also applied to this model. Holds the straits by reducing the swing to the left and right. It is a great pick for those looking to improve their game further. If you are the type of player who likes compatibility, strong forgiveness and more distance, it is necessary automatically. 

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway a loft can be adjusted up or down by 2 degrees. After all, there is removable weight, which gives you the opportunity to control your launch angle. However, it is an expensive choice. Also, it has the smallest profile compared to other clubs. 

We Best fairway woods for high handicappers below, TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway mentioned some of its features at a glance: 

Its club flexibility is solid, especially suitable for left-handed players, its loft rises to 15 degrees, its shaft material is fujikura Venus blue FW6 rich and is black, blue.


  • Compact club head.
  • Compatibility.
  • Strong forgiving golf. 

  • It is a very good choice for those who hit it less in the face. 

  • Closing the deck is the easiest method! 

  • The loft of clubs is printed below so you can buy the right well! 


  • Not for those who want to make the ball flight more.
  • Small profile completed compared to other SIM clubs.

Callaway Men’s Steel head XR Fairway Wood


We are at the end of our discussions. Now we will discuss the s Steel head XR the Best fairway woods for high handicappers Callaway Men. It is one of the most successful fairway wood coming from Callaway. 

Some of these changes have made steel head XR even more different. It has come up with some sophisticated technologies that will help you push more necessary, especially if you are high handicapper. This can be considered the best forgiving farewell wood of the present time. 

Because with face cup technology users can experience great distances in it. It brings a classic look, its performance goes on to compare it to a bit of a hawk’s eye. It provides a smooth turf interaction. Another important technology is the application for Best fairway woods for high handicappers’ steel head XR’s air resources. 

It has been designed by skilled swing catering aerospace experts, so it is especially useful for those struggling with the speed of their swing. Another quality of this fairway wood is that it is quite light. Its loft is much higher, rising to a maximum of 18 degrees and has a lower spin. Carbon crowns are placed around the face enclosure of this club. 

We mentioned below some features of Callaway Men s Steel head XR: Its club flexibility is regular, especially suitable for left-handed players, its loft rises to 18 degrees, its shaft material is rich in graphite and weighs about 1 pound.


  • It provides higher launches and lower spin.
  • Aerodynamic swing helps in speed.
  • It improves the interaction of turf.


  • The stability in question.


Getting the right equipment for work is an important issue. Our job is to present to you the best products in the market. We tried our best, to bring to you the best and right farewell wood in the market in our consideration. 

Now it’s entirely your business to decide which one applies to you, which one will improve your game more than ever before. 

Will you prefer forgiveness to feelings? Or would you like both? You’ll select that. If you want to buy farewell wood in the market, you can verify the products we mention edit at once, hopefully find your desired product.

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